What specialty does lithium ion battery belong to

Release Time: 2022-05-10
It belongs to material science.
Materials science refers to the study of the relationship between material composition, structure, process, properties and service properties, which provides a scientific basis for material design, manufacturing, process optimization and rational use.
Mobile phones and laptops use lithium-ion batteries, commonly known as lithium batteries. Batteries generally use materials containing lithium as electrodes, which is the representative of modern high-performance batteries.
Lithium ion battery belongs to the category of energy materials, and its research specialty belongs to materials science.
Extended data:
At present, there are six main research directions in materials science, which are:
1. New theory and technology of powder metallurgy;
2. Phase diagram research and material design;
3. Powder metallurgy special new materials;
4. Alloying theory of non-ferrous and rare metal materials and development of new materials;
5. Modern high performance composites;
6. Nonferrous metal functional materials. The common features of the six research directions are: the research content is innovative, belonging to frontier subjects and international hot research topics; It is closely combined with the main battlefield of national economic construction and has strong practicability;
Each research direction is supported by national or provincial key projects, and the implementation process is highly reliable; Having a high-level academic team with reasonable structure and good research conditions can achieve the expected research objectives and have a good prospect of sustainable development.
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