What kind of battery is a deep cycle battery

Release Time: 2022-03-12
There are many classification methods of lead-acid battery, such as 2V series battery, 4V series battery,6V series battery, 12V series battery, 24V series battery according to the voltage. There are also different categories according to different uses. You such as car battery, motorcycle battery, electric bicycle battery, solar energy battery and so on.

With the continuous expansion of the application of lead-acid battery, there is a deep cycle battery, then what kind of battery is the deep cycle battery?

Deep cycle colloid battery diagram
1 From the performance of the battery, this kind of battery is suitable for deep discharge, that is, 100%. After deep discharge, the battery is charged to restore the capacity before discharge.
There are certain requirements on the cycle life of the battery.
3 Deep cycle batteries are mainly used in the following scenarios
3.1 Solar power generation and wind power energy storage system
3.2 Electric bicycle
3.3 Electric Vehicles
3.4 Electric forklift
3.5 Power Tools

4 deep cycle battery in the manufacturing process, and ordinary lead acid is very different, different manufacturers have different processes to achieve.


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