What is the function of wind turbine plus controller

Release Time: 2022-03-06
Many people ask what is the function of wind turbine + controller. In fact, these two modules constitute a stable and intelligent wind power generation system, which can make full use of wind energy to generate electricity. The equipment can efficiently convert wind energy into electricity

Yes, and then charge the battery inside the system. The controller also provides a wide range of scenarios, such as losing control when wind speeds are too high, or dangers to the device when strong winds are present

In addition, the wind turbine + controller can also adjust and control the electric energy of the generator itself. The adjusted energy can be sent to THE AC or DC load, and the energy can be charged to the battery at any time. The generator alone is not used, because safety and reliability can not be guaranteed, as long as the use of the controller, it can play the role of lightning protection, overvoltage automatic brake, open circuit protection.
Therefore, if you want to prolong the life of the generator, while ensuring the safety of the user during the process, you must use the combination of wind turbine and controller. When installing the controller, it must not be able to
The line dimension is connected backwards, otherwise it will cause a big problem. If you are lack of knowledge and technology in this respect, in fact, there is no need for a big heart, than sound and professional character can provide installation and technical help

With the controller, to improve safety of generator, which is why the wind generator + controller must use a combination of reasons, after leaving the factory, the generator will send relevant as a guide, you can also look at first, but by the dry months ago technology is mature, have a lower chance of a problem, please be assured that the installation


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