What are the design requirements of solar traffic lights?

Release Time: 2022-02-26

Nowadays, with the continuous improvement of China's economic level, more and more people have cars. In order to ensure a safe, orderly and smooth road, we need to install solar traffic lights at busy intersections to direct traffic. The application of solar traffic lights can effectively reduce traffic accidents, improve traffic efficiency and improve traffic conditions. However, a qualified solar traffic light products, also need to follow certain design requirements. So what are the design requirements of solar traffic lights? The following Shenzhen traffic signal light manufacturers xiaobian for everyone to introduce:

1. Standards:
The design of solar traffic lights should comply with gb14887-2003 standards.
2. Light source:
The light source adopts imported chip four-element ultra-high brightness light-emitting diode (LED), which has the characteristics of strong brightness, long life, good energy-saving effect and easy recognition
3. Transparent design:
The external surface of the transparent lens is designed with inclined surface, which is not easy to collect dust. It can be used in various environments.
4. Appearance Design:
The appearance is specially designed for LED light source, the structure is ultra-thin and humanized, the appearance is beautiful, the craft is fine, convenient for a variety of combination installation.
5. Shell material:
The shell is made of die-cast aluminum or polycarbonate (PC) material and silicone rubber seal, which has the characteristics of dustproof, waterproof, flame retardant, anti-aging and long service life

The above content is the design requirements of solar traffic lights. In addition, when designing solar traffic lights, the light distribution designers can also design the light distribution area of the lens by region and in small pieces. However, because the solar traffic signal lamp also needs to take into account the uniformity of the light effect of the whole luminous surface, so it must meet the requirements of observing the signal luminous surface from any working area of the solar traffic signal lamp, the signal pattern must be clear, the visual effect must be uniform.


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