What are the advantages and disadvantages of solar street lamps?

Release Time: 2022-05-06
Advantages of solar street lamps:
1. Energy conservation and environmental protection: solar street lamps are energy-saving and environmental protection products. They can not only beautify the rural environment and form a beautiful landscape, but also correspond to the call of the national "green lighting", and can guide the rural people's awareness of energy conservation and achieve more with one stone. dzjnxny
2. Simple construction: the construction of traditional municipal circuit lights is relatively complex. It is necessary to move the ground, dig the ground and occupy farmers and other places, which is easy to cause contradictions between the project and villagers and is not easy to construct; The construction of solar street lamp is much more convenient than that of municipal circuit lamp. It only needs to dig a pit without laying wires; The integrated solar street lamp can choose to dig a hole and bury a new pole like the traditional solar street lamp, or it can also be installed on the existing poles, walls and other supports, which greatly reduces the construction process.
3. Price advantage: traditional city circuit lamps are much cheaper than solar street lamps when purchased, but the later cost is also relatively high, such as replacement of accessories, components, electricity, maintenance cost, wiring and erection of poles, etc. solar street lamps have almost no later cost
4. Simple maintenance: the maintenance of traditional municipal circuit lights and solar street lights is more complex, so they need to send someone to the local for maintenance. The maintenance process is more complex. If the parts are incomplete, it will waste more time. Now many factories are unwilling to go to the local for maintenance after installation,

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