The obvious advantages of solar street lamps

Release Time: 2022-03-28
The disadvantages of ordinary street lamps: complex installation procedures, the need to lay cables, to carry out cable trench excavation, buried pipes and lines. Some places are difficult to bury pipes, the cost will be higher. And a long time of installation and debugging, wasted a lot of manpower and financial resources.
Electricity bills are rising along with prices, the power station claims it is operating at a loss and has to maintain its lines constantly.
Buried lines have hidden safety hazards. If others work in the buried line, it may destroy the line and pipe, which is easy to cause safety accidents.
Advantages of ordinary street lamps: they are not affected by the weather. It also has no effect on sunny areas. The cost of street lamps is relatively low.
Advantages of solar street lamp: easy installation, no complex wiring, only need to dig a small pit, a cement base, fixed with stainless steel screws. Solar street lamps rely on solar energy to transform into electricity, so almost zero investment after construction, only need daily maintenance and equipment aging repair. Procurement costs are relatively high. But the cost will be recovered slowly. The service life of solar street lamps is longer than that of municipal street lamps.

But solar street lighting has its drawbacks. Rainy days who can not guarantee the lighting problems, battery life and other issues. But with the advance of technology, these problems will be solved soon. Solar street lamps will gradually replace street lamps. Be the king of the road


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