New technology of recycling equipment for new energy automobile battery lithium iron battery realizes recycling of battery materials.

Release Time: 2022-05-28
Lithium iron phosphate battery, a new energy battery for automobiles, is widely used, and its usage is increasing rapidly. At the same time, the waste lithium battery recycling has become an urgent problem to be solved in China, which is of great significance to environmental protection and resource recycling. In the recycling process of waste lithium batteries, the efficient shedding of electrode materials and the separation of positive and negative electrode materials are the key links to realize the efficient recycling of electrode materials.

Lithium iron phosphate battery materials mainly include anode materials, cathode materials, isolation film, electrolyte, aluminum foil, copper foil, adhesive, etc. The positive electrode material accounts for about 30% of the total cost, and the negative electrode material accounts for about 12%. And the electrolyte and diaphragm account for about 15% and 30% of the cost respectively. However, the cobalt and lithium that need to be recycled in lithium ion batteries are mainly concentrated on the cathode material cobalt lithium film. The main components of the lithium film are active material containing lithium compound, conductive acetylene black, aluminum foil current collector and PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) binder.

Recycling status of waste lithium batteries:

For a long time, a large amount of waste gas lithium-ion batteries have not been specially treated, and they mainly enter landfills with the disposal of urban and rural domestic garbage.

Waste batteries can't be recycled at will, and must be recycled by legal units with solid waste and hazardous waste disposal qualifications. The implementation of this measure has standardized the recycling market and reduced the environmental pollution caused by waste batteries. The recycling of waste batteries increases the types of recycled materials and improves the recycling rate, which is of great benefit.

The disassembly equipment of new energy automobile battery pack has strong adaptability, and users can choose the configuration according to their own needs. The pole core of new energy power battery is put into the loading station of the equipment, and the rewinding machine completely separates the pole core into three parts, namely, positive plate, negative plate and diaphragm, which are placed separately. According to the size of the pole core pack, the rewinding and loading mechanism separates the protective film attached to the surface, divides the negative plate of the pole core, winds and recycles the protective film, divides the positive plate of the pole core, classifies and recycles the box, and detects eight kinds of safety systems.

The new technology of disassembling equipment for new energy battery packs for automobiles realizes the recycling of battery materials, forms a complete cycle chain of lithium-ion battery industry, and solves the problems of high cost, waste liquid and waste gas pollution, low electrolyte recovery and resource recovery rate in the application of waste lithium-ion battery treatment technology. It is of great social and economic significance to recover valuable metals from lithium batteries, reduce their environmental pollution and lack of link resources. Therefore, the new energy automobile battery pack disassembly equipment industry has a broad prospect and is a green sunrise industry.

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