Lithium battery capacity is expected to increase

Release Time: 2022-04-08
Very popular the use of advanced lithium-ion battery, the battery is low, the battery life is not that strong has become a big problem affecting the life, today, the Japanese have made significant achievements in this respect, they developed using silicone as lithium battery materials, new technology, this technology makes the batteries' storage capacity than the ordinary carbon materials more powerful batteries, It has 10 times the power of a normal battery.
Concrete is Japan in the chemical industry has developed a new technology, the technology can be used in smart phones and cars lithium batteries, the core is that they adopted the silicone instead of the present stage to make the battery widely used carbon market, although it makes the battery production costs increase, but it can reduce the battery volume, Moreover, the power of the battery can be increased by 10 times, greatly reducing the trouble of frequent charging of mobile phones and cars due to low power.

But because it is a new technology, the cost of popularization is still relatively high, after all, the current market is still dominated by low cost.

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