How to detect and maintain solar panels?

Release Time: 2022-07-07

1. Check whether the battery board is damaged. It should be found and replaced in time.

2. Check whether the connecting wire and ground wire of the battery board are in good contact and whether they fall off.
3. Check whether there is heating at the junction of the combiner box.
4. Check whether the battery board bracket is loose and broken.
5. Check and clean the weeds around the battery board that block the battery board.
6. Check whether there is any covering on the surface of the battery board.
7. Check the bird droppings on the surface of the battery board and clean it if necessary.
8. Identify the cleanliness of the battery board.
9. In windy weather, key inspections should be carried out on the battery board and bracket.
10. In heavy snow, the battery panel should be cleaned in time to avoid snow and ice on the surface of the battery panel.
11. In case of heavy rain, check whether all waterproof seals are in good condition and whether there is water leakage.
12. Check whether there are animals entering the power station to damage the battery board.
13. In case of hail weather, the surface of the battery panel shall be inspected.
14. The temperature of the battery board is detected and compared with the ambient temperature for analysis.
15. The problems found should be handled, analyzed and summarized in time.
16. Make detailed records of each inspection for future analysis.

17. Make analysis and summary records and file them.

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