Electric vehicle lithium battery maintenance

Release Time: 2022-03-16

As a green sunrise industry, electric vehicle has been developed for decades in China. As the power source of electric vehicle, lithium battery is favored by consumers because of its lightness, durability and high cycle times. In the electric vehicle lithium battery increasingly common today, the daily maintenance of electric vehicle lithium battery also affects the hearts of countless consumers. So what problems should be paid attention to in the maintenance of electric vehicle lithium battery?

✤1, the first use of lithium electric bicycle, the battery must be deeply charged, the charger shows a green light can stop charging, time is generally controlled within (8 ~ 10) hours;
✤2, each ride to the battery pack can not release the power before charging, but to avoid deep discharge (more than 90% of the capacity) to charge, which will damage the lithium battery;
✤3. When the undervoltage indicator light is on in a static state, the lithium electric bicycle should be charged in time;
✤4, in the start, climbing or running against the wind, should be powered by foot;
✤5. Since lithium batteries have no memory, the battery pack should be charged regularly after each or every day of riding;
✤6. If the lithium electric bicycle is placed for more than two months, the battery pack needs to be thoroughly charged; If placed more than 5 months, need to carry out a charge and discharge cycle;
✤7. Master the correct way of charging. Connect the charger and battery string first, and then connect the power plug of the charger to the 220V AC power supply. Follow this connection sequence to avoid sparks when removing and inserting the charging plug. When the power is switched on, the charger shows a red indicator light.
✤8, to use a dedicated lithium battery charger (by all means do not directly use lead-acid battery charger), to fully match the lithium battery model. The charger current is too high, the lithium battery protection system breakdown, resulting in a short circuit, resulting in lithium battery safety accidents. The charger voltage is too low, which makes the charging efficiency low and consumes too much time;
✤9, lithium electric bicycle in the case of not using, should turn off the power in time, or pull out the battery pack from the battery seat and put another. Because the motor and controller in the no-load state will still consume power;
✤10. In order to ensure that the lithium battery pack is full, charging should be carried out at ambient temperature, so as to ensure better charging effect of lithium battery;
✤11. Lithium batteries can go to sleep under cold storage. However, after the lithium-ion bicycle is used in high temperature conditions (such as summer), the battery pack can not be immediately removed in the freezer, but placed in the shade, slowly let the lithium battery cool;
✤12, lithium battery due to the existence of subtle self-discharge phenomenon, should be regularly supplemented power supply, to ensure that the voltage of the battery is maintained in a stable state.

Of course, the choice of a safe electric car lithium battery is the most critical. The quality of lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles directly affects consumers' travel experience. As a leading enterprise in the electric vehicle battery industry, Tianeng has always been committed to the research and development of batteries and has deep attainments in the field of lithium batteries. Choose days can lithium more assured!


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