Disturbance method of photovoltaic energy storage inverter off-grid MPPT

Release Time: 2022-02-25

The invention relates to an off-grid MPPT disturbance method for a photovoltaic energy storage inverter, which comprises an independent power loop connected with a photovoltaic panel to form a photovoltaic loop, and an independent charge and discharge loop connected with a battery to form a charging loop and a discharge loop; Detect the bus voltage: when the bus voltage is greater than the off-grid system control reference voltage upper limit, the PHOTOVOLTAIC energy storage inverter to close the PHOTOVOLTAIC panel MPPT control, the bus voltage stability to the off-grid system control reference voltage, close the battery discharge loop; When the voltage of the bus is less than the control reference voltage limit of the off-grid system, the PHOTOVOLTAIC energy storage inverter starts the MPPT control of the PHOTOVOLTAIC panel, controls the PV voltage of the photovoltaic panel at the maximum power point, and controls the battery to discharge through the discharge circuit. Otherwise, the off-grid system remains in the current working state. The application of this method can greatly improve the power configuration limit and photovoltaic utilization rate of off-grid photovoltaic applications, and solve the stability problem of photovoltaic applications in areas without power grid.

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