Deep analysis of battery capacity test method

Release Time: 2022-04-07
Battery capacity problem is the user is very concerned about the problem, the business said that the capacity of a battery how much is reliable? Today, lithium battery manufacturers come to analyze the test method of battery capacity with you. We can test the capacity of the battery ourselves:
Battery self-discharge and plate gradually vulcanization is inevitable lead acid battery "gradually failure ", but with the increasingly strict requirements of product materials and process, such as lead antimony alloy into lead calcium alloy, and gradually become" maintenance free ". Some people are used to using only voltmeter or multimeter voltage file without load to check whether the storage battery is sufficient, which is very unreliable. Because even if it is the end of the start discharge battery, as long as once stop discharging, battery positive and negative plate and electrolyte can immediately reach open circuit voltage - electromotive force, immediately can restore the potential difference between them, each single cell about 2.1V, the whole battery about 12.6V. When measuring the voltage only, the consumption of current is very small, so it will not produce a large voltage drop in the battery, so the display voltage is not low, but if the addition of a considerable load, such as headlamp (10~15A), horn (6~12A), the battery will dim the light, horn hoarseny, so as to show that the lack of electricity.

When the electrolyte level is too low, the two balls will fall to the limit position, at this time the observation hole is "outside the red colorless "(the center is colorless transparent dot, surrounded by red rings), said the electrolyte is insufficient, indicating that the battery can not continue to use, must be replaced. If the test plug is mounted on a dry - charged battery, distilled water must be added. The English label is "Adddistilledwater".

Battery is a kind of large parts easy to wear, its long life can reach 3~4 years, short 1~2 years, and the more often the car (especially long-distance use), the battery life is longer; The more frequently a car or bus is parked, the more often it discharges but undercharges, the shorter its battery life will be.
Working principle of battery: when charging, use the external electric energy to regenerate the internal active substance, store the electric energy as chemical energy, and convert the chemical energy into electric energy again when discharging. When the battery is insufficient, the electrolyte density is too low, the blue ball sink to the limit position, then the observation hole appears "inner infrared colorless "(the center is red dot, is surrounded by colorless transparent ring), said the battery power deficit is serious, must be charged immediately, English instructions marked "chargingnecessary".
Analysis of battery daily maintenance methods:
Measurement of floating charging voltage method
Two, capacity measurement method
Three, internal resistance or conductivity test method
Fourth, the traditional offline capacity testing method
This detection method can accurately measure the battery capacity and clearly identify whether the battery is a failed battery. However, this method has the following defects:
1. The battery must be disconnected from the system. If the mains supply is suddenly interrupted during this period, can the other battery support itself? This increases the risk of system breakdown.
2. The heavy electric heating wire needs to be carried by many people, and at least one person must measure and record data.
3. The terminal voltage of some batteries may suddenly drop below the cut-off voltage during the two measurement intervals, resulting in excessive discharge, as shown in FIG. 3. The workload is too heavy to carry out comprehensively.
4, the whole battery needs to spend more than 20 hours to charge, sometimes need offline rectifier, and easy to cause a few batteries overcharge.
5, need to consume a lot of electricity and heat energy.
5. Traditional online capacity testing method
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